The Zing programs not only help develop your ability to learn new skills quicker but when the cerebellum is fully functional a person’s executive functions will increase. This is, in fact, an indirect consequence. The reason is when fundamental skills are incompletely developed by the Cerebellum they cannot be completely processed in the cortex. Some of the processing must be carried out in the Cerebrum (the thinking brain) as there is an element of “thinking about” performing that skill as it hasn’t been fully automated.

I’m overjoyed to offer you an alternative for individuals struggling with focus, concentration, reading, writing, balance, and more! Zing Performance offers programs that are individual, unique, and easy to implement. The focus of Zing is to capture an individual’s hidden potential by expanding and automating skills that improve concentration, reading, and behavior!

A Zing program not only enhances brain function but ultimately human potential and performance. Special equipment is not needed; just follow our simple yet effective brain-body training exercises.

Step 1 – The Assessment

The life-changing Zing Performance program begins with a cognitive assessment. To make it as accessible as possible, all you need is a PC, tablet or laptop. Our cognitive assessment (known as Insight) is suitable for children and adults alike. It takes 30 minutes and I will be on hand to help if you need any support

Step 2 – Creating Your Personalized Program

From your assessment results, Zing will map exactly what your brain needs to stimulate it in exactly the right way. Your brain (and your map) is unique so a “One-size-fits-all” approach will not work. This is why the activities are tailored to suit each individual’s needs and challenge the brain freeing up space and better connections for learning new things. We do this by adjusting the exercises on a daily basis depending on how you are marking them.

Step 3 – Performing Your Personalized Program

Zing can be seen as two phases; The first phase is like pressing the ‘reset’ button, it creates plasticity and the brain is stimulated to develop further. The second phase is all about hard wiring the changes you’ve made so there is lasting change in the brain. We find that most of our community receive the life-changing benefits of our program after eight months. However, everyone is different; some changes come quickly; some will need more time. You’ll receive a daily program of coordinative exercises which you can complete either on a PC, tablet or mobile. Taking just ten minutes, twice a day to complete. Every month, you can repeat the cognitive assessment to see your progress.

Step 4 – It All Becomes Natural

The brain does this next step for you without you doing anything because things become easier…

⇒ More mental capacity

⇒ Less impulsivity = Better decisions

⇒ More emotional control =Less meltdowns 

⇒ Better sleep

⇒ Greater confidence =  Happier

How Can I Get My Child Started?

Starting a personalized program is simple! By reaching out to me, Carissa Konrad at Rebel Health Revolution, we can get your child set up with an insight assessment. The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes, looks like a computer game, and can be done at home. It will measure the current performance of the brain in many target areas. From there, results are discussed and eye tracking can be examined to see how exactly the eyes are, or are not, working together. A customized program is created and specific exercises are tailored for vestibular stimulation to further develop the cerebellum. The results are phenomenal, life-changing, and permanent.

Contact me today to learn more! I’d like to give you a book (no charge/no obligation), answer your questions, and initiate a program that has the potential to change your child’s life!