“My definition of commitment was always stand true to what I said I would do, long after the mood I said it in has left.” – Inky Johnson

I can’t help but share this. This man is legit. Inky Johnson, projected first-round NFL draft pick in the 2006 draft, talks about his life perspective changing in one instant. My 12-year-old son, who can often be found listening to motivational football speakers, introduced me to this video. “Mom, you gotta listen to this… I know you and you will love this dude!” Seems fitting, because as you know parenting so often involves the kids teaching you more than you teach them. I’ll take a wild guess that not a single one of you can listen to Inky Johnson and not question where your life focus is aimed.  This man is real. This man is heartfelt.  His inspiring attitude flows so freely as he just simply tells his story.  Inky Johnson has more fire in a 9:53 video than what many have in a year.

You and you alone are in charge of your health.  Your health isn’t just what you eat. Shocking, right? Your health isn’t just about burning calories in a workout class (maybe some of you are relieved). Your health is your mind, your drive, your nutrition, body, and emotions all rolled into one. Johnson challenges us to deal with the hand we’ve been dealt, and to refocus our commitment and vision on eternal things. Therefore, your heart, be it full or broken, is part of your health.

What are you hanging your priorities on? Do you impact the world or have you just given in to wasting time? Hearing God say “NO” is NEVER easy no matter how you slice it. But maybe…just maybe…God is painting a bigger picture. More importantly, I think the real question lies in, “Can you trust him?”

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