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My mission is to help people acquire those solid foundations & influential factors that affect your health at every level that will in turn fuel a more abundant life! Maybe you are an aspiring health nut, maybe you over complicate, neglect or just forget the basics. Maybe you are just tip toeing into making a SHIFT.

Learn how to go from constantly feeling lost in the areas of health and wellness to making confident choices that give you the edge, the best energy, less inflammation, better immunity and easier weight control!

If you’ve ever felt frustrated that you aren’t taking charge of your health like you wished because you’re tired and not sure where to turn…

Or your sugar cravings have you all over the place during the day and you’re exhausted by the time you get home…

Or the information is confusing and you need to help to sort through a clear cut path..But imagine yourself making a shift, a change and doing something significant.

Your health DICTATES YOUR LIFE! Investing in your health can impact how you raise your family, excel in your career, your immunity, your weight and your daily energy level. For some that might sound like chasing a unicorn, but for those I work with, it actually becomes THE SHIFT!

What you’ll accomplish in THE SHIFT Course…

  • Create a daily plan that holds you accountable
  • Solidify the value of a mindset shift
  • Identify the foods that drain your energy
  • Maintain a steady flow of vibrant, clean energy with foods
  • Meal planning for simplicity
  • Exercise for effectiveness
  • Minimizing the effects of stress upon the body
  • Understand obesogens, how they affect you and great trades
  • Learn strategies for rebellious self care (not what the industry says)

**Group of 4-9 members
**Each Tuesday from 12:00pm- 1:00pm
**9 Live Zoom Calls- Tuesdays at noon
**Supporting PDF Downloads
**30+ Clean Eating Recipes
**Weekly Additional Resource Guides
**One time payment of $415 or 2 payments of $213.50

This course is different. It is designed to dive deep into strategies that WORK while creating a sustainable lifestyle approach. I will give you practical ideas, “eat this not that” foods, strategies that continually prove successful with clients, the latest research, cutting-edge tactics, and my own personal hacks. Why let another day go by? Join me in this zoom group so you can make a shift for the things that matter most!

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Do you want the best of both worlds?  You want to lose weight…(check) and you want it to be simple (check). Weight loss tips are everywhere, but you are looking for some that work, aren’t you? Let’s take a look at four foolproof ways to get your weight loss journey headed in the right direction.

Simple Weight Loss Tip #1

Exercise is not the biggest weapon!  I know a few of you just freaked out, but hear me out. I love to exercise! It’s what keeps me sane at 5 AM before 4 energetic children embark on their day.  It’s the key to getting some shape to yourself (besides the shape of round), it makes me FEEL energized, and it lowers my risk of multiple diseases.  It releases endorphins and those make us happy. Exercise is TERRIBLY important.  BUT, here’s the deal, ……you can’t exercise off a bad diet.  The secret…your food choices… take the center stage. Food plays the leading role, not the calorie burn you accomplished.  How many times have you joined a fitness group, started videos, gave running a shot and eventually baled because you didn’t see results?  The exercise was important. It was beneficial but if the goal was to shed pounds, I’ll say it again (and again and again) that you can’t exercise off a bad diet.

Simple Weight Loss Tip #2

Are you actually hungry?  As Americans, we eat..we eat a lot..we eat a lot whenever the situation allows. Rarely do we stop to take note if we are hungry.  It’s like we stopped eating by hunger and started eating by convenience, habit, situation or all of those.  Don’t think so? How many times are you stressed, so you find a snack? Ever needed to fill with gas, and figured you should head inside to find “just something to munch on?”  Do long car trips feel better if you get to pass the time with food?  Maybe it is “treat day” at work, and the break room has quite the divine spread. Do you feel obligated to sample each and every snack…(twice)?  Snacks in and of themselves, aren’t bad. BUT…when we consistently consume snacks at times we weren’t really hungry we just add unwanted calories. Listen to yourself. If you are ACTUALLY hungry, find something of quality to keep you going. Don’t let your enticement of food convince you of entitlement.

Simple Weight Loss Tip #3

How many calories are you drinking? I know you might be tempted to bypass this one because you don’t want to own up to it.  I’m not just talking pop.  If you had a nutrition label for your morning coffee, would it look the same as a jelly-filled, glazed donut?  Were you trying to reason with yourself that the juice you just had at breakfast was equivalent to a fruit (it isn’t in case you’re wondering)?   Energy drinks, smoothies, flavored water, sports drinks, flavored tea, POP, the list keeps going. It’s not only expensive for your wallet, it’s expensive on your health.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, says in a recent study that the average American drinks 400 calories a day. OUCH!

Simple Weight Loss Tip #4

Quality, quality, quality. What if you had to head home and rate the food in your fridge and cabinets? On a quality scale with 10 being nutrient dense, body beneficial food and 1 being junk food, what rating would you find yourself looking at?  Your body wants to give you clean, vibrant energy that keeps you thriving all day.  The quality of food you put in is the same quality you will get out. If you want to fit in your jeans again, feel proud of the person in the mirror, or have optimal energy, then you need to feed yourself some REAL food. 

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