If you’re crazy busy, but you want to get leaner, exponentially increase your energy levels and develop a strong laser-focused mindset, I’m going to share my favorite tricks, tips and secrets that have consistently led to success for my clients. This group is limited seating and the deadline is April 6th. This program is a great fit for you if:

  • You do better when you are held accountable. 
  • You’ve recently noticed a negative change in mood or weight gain.
  • You want to feel more lean, vibrant, and confident.
  • You’ve tried a lot of “things” but can’t seem to get the scale to move.

What are you waiting for?

First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not.” -Octavia Butler

Weight Loss is so much easier when you establish habits. Forming strong habits can make or break your health. That’s where I can help!

This is a six-session jumpstart to slimming down so you enjoy this summer even more! As we soak in the sun this summer we want to FEEL good in our skin, and trimming down helps! Here’s how it works:

  • Each week we will add another simplistic, healthy habit that you are expected to do daily. These habits, when implemented, create sustainable results.
  • Habits will be tracked on a group google sheet, so that we will be accountable to each other, a beneficial and successful strategy. Don’t forget, we are only adding ONE habit a week, so it’s quite doable.
  • Each Thursday zoom meeting from 12:00-12:45 PM, is BOTH live and recorded (if you miss.) Join us over lunch to stay focused and connected with the group. This recording will allow you to watch it or rewatch it as you get ready in the morning, drive to work, or perform another simple task. If you want to keep your focus on track, feel free to listen again in late afternoon or evening.
  • During the Zoom meeting we will implement a new weight loss habit and discuss a topic that will influence your goals. Topics included will cover ideas such as  Identifying “Real” Foods, Healthy Meal Prep for Success, Soda Alternatives and more.
  • Be a part of our interactive FB group where you can share ideas, find recipes and cheer each other on. This will be so valuable for the daily support we enjoy.
  • You will have the ability to email back-and-forth with me for support, during these six weeks.
  • You’ll have weekly text encouragement, to remind you right at the right time to reach the goal you started with.
  • Starting April 8, and wrapping up May 13, will allow you to have weight loss habits solidified and in place BEFORE summer starts.  These tips are timeless building blocks. These steps will set you up with a foundation and a blueprint for feeling your healthiest this summer!

Could you justify $259 (or two payments of $136.50) if you knew you could slim down and feel better? Of course you could! Ready to slim down for summer? 

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Spots are limited and the deadline is April 6th.

I’m overjoyed to offer you an alternative for individuals struggling with focus, concentration, reading, writing, balance, and more! Zing Performance offers programs that are individual, unique, and easy to implement. The focus of Zing is to capture an individual’s hidden potential by expanding and automating skills that improve concentration, reading, and behavior!

If the cerebellum is working optimally, individuals are capable of utilizing skills without effort. The process happens naturally and without intentional thought. Unfortunately, if the cerebellum isn’t working efficiently, simple tasks become difficult and tiresome. Frustration is real and raw when even the smallest task feel hard.

Many parents come to Zing Performance for help because their child is:
*Falling behind in reading, writing, and spelling
*Having difficulty focusing, concentrating, and holding an attention span
*Struggling to recall recently learned information
*Challenged with hand-eye coordination and sports
*Facing emotional overload
*Floundering with social connections and making friends

Zing Performance uniquely designs a program suited to each individual that is simple and easy to do at home for 10 minutes, twice daily (no equipment needed). The program does not utilize tutoring or additional education practice, but instead looks at the root cause of the symptoms. The plasticity of the brain is incredible and often overlooked. However, the key lies in completing the development of the cerebellum through the brain/body connection so that skills can be properly developed.

When fundamental skills are left undeveloped in children, labels are often quickly attached instead of searching out the root issue. In the book, Stop Struggling in School, Wynford Dore, founder of Education Development International, explains some of the misconceptions:

·       “Poor reading/dyslexia – nobody explains that it is usually about fixable eye tracking issues.

·       Poor concentration/ADHD – nobody tells you the link to reduced listening and eye movement skills.

·       Clumsiness/dyspraxia – nobody clarifies the link to balance and coordination and how to re-develop this.”

Once the cerebellum is trained to complete its job, tasks that had proved very difficult become as automatic and effortless as riding a bike.

How can I get my child started?

Starting a personalized program is simple! By reaching out to me, Carissa Konrad at Rebel Health Revolution, we can get your child set up with an insight assessment. On site testing available in Norfolk or Atkinson. Remote options are also available. The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes,  looks like a computer game, and can be done at home. It will measure the current performance of the brain in many target areas. From there, results are discussed and eye tracking can be examined to see how exactly the eyes are, or are not, working together. A customized program is created and specific exercises are tailored for vestibular stimulation to further develop the cerebellum. The results are phenomenal, life-changing, and permanent.

Contact me today to learn more! I’d like to give you a book (no charge/no obligation), answer your questions, and initiate a program that has the potential to change your child’s life!