Lives Changed

My husband and I completed the three-month program offered by Rebel Health Revolution. “During each session, Carissa focused on our specific challenges and goals. Her health coaching has led us step by step to making healthier choices in how we select and prepare food.
Bad habits – such as stress eating, sugar addiction, and eating loads of processed foods – were tackled with honesty, understanding, and a little bit of humor! She keeps it simple, so it is sustainable. I got rid of the guilt I felt associated with food and now let what I eat make me feel better, look better, and give me more energy.

“I started my journey with Carissa as my health coach in October. I needed to make changes in my life, but I just didn’t know how. I’m not a fan of dieting or taking pills. I desparately needed a LIFESTYLE change. Since October I’m down 15lbs & 14in. I feel amazing!! I HAD NOT seen the scale move in 3 years! I let go of some bad habits that I never thought I could live without and I’m not going back! I’m a busy Mom of 3 & I had lost myself. I reached out to Carissa & I’m so glad I did. She is so encouraging & the best part about it is I did it. I never gave up! My attitude & over all SELF CONFIDENCE has changed! Honestly I can’t stop smiling! 🙂 My kids have even noticed! It’s been an amazing journey & I can’t wait to continue. I even lost during the HOLIDAYS!!! Reach out to her, you’ll be so grateful you did!! I AM!! ”

“12 weeks ago, I felt awful. I was eating everything and anything. I had severe stomach issues, was gaining weight, had headaches several days a week, no energy, no discipline or self-control, and no self-confidence. In the twelve weeks since, I have gained SO much. I rarely have stomach issues now and I rarely have headaches. I now have the energy to work an eight hour day, come home, and meal prep and exercise. I am now able to walk past the bakery section (my weakness) in a super market, and not buy anything, whereas before, I would have bought cookies, cupcakes, and more, just because they were available. These habits lead me to loosing weight, inches, and clothing size! I truly believe that through this experience with Carissa, I have gained the ability to eat well and live a healthier lifestyle. While I am still a work in progress, I have gained more than I ever have with any other “diet” or lifestyle change. I believe I will use the habits I’ve implemented with Carissa, throughout the rest of my life.”

“I have been working with Carissa Konrad the last four months and she has been absolutely AMAZING! The past several years my weight has steadily increased. I have tried every diet, exercise, pill, and wrap on the market and nothing has worked for me. There have been many times where I have become very discouraged about my weight gain.

This past summer I decided to seek out Carissa‘s help. At first, I was very nervous because I was afraid that this was going to be like everything else I had tried. However, her help turned out to be exactly what I needed! She has truly gotten me on the right track to eating healthy and taking better care of myself! She is extremely knowledgeable and very motivating! One of the things that I have liked best about working with her is she truly takes the time to listen to you then she tries to help you find solutions to the problem whether it be what to eat for lunch or suggestions for supper when my family is busy. I would absolutely recommend Carissa’s services to anyone because her help has truly been life-changing!”

“I read a post about a former student and her journey for a healthier lifestyle.  I hadn’t seriously thought about tackling the weight loss or changing my nutrition for the past couple of years.  I made several attempts the during that time but each start ended with in the first few days.  That post made me aware of help in the form of Rebel Health Revolution.  Here I sit three months later a bit lighter (30 lbs) and enjoying each day.   I am eating healthier by enjoying whole foods.  My weekly meetings with Carissa are supportive and educational.  Her one on one support has been the key for me.

“I reached out to Rebel Health Revolution after receiving less than favorable blood test results and my overall sense of feeling unhealthy. What I walked away with after completing the 12 week program was far more than I ever expected. For years my weight fluctuated up-and-down with the seasons and I could not keep my self interested in any exercise plan that I enjoyed or that seemed to work for me. With this program I soon learned that being and feeling healthy is more about food and lifestyle CHOICES and becoming educated on all areas of daily living. I realize this is a process and I am still learning what works for me and my family. We have enjoyed trying new products and recipes that are available but have never once felt pressured to use. Again, it is all about CHOICES And what works for each individual. Thank you, Rebel Health Revolution, for what I hope to be a lifelong and life-changing experience.”

“When asked what is the most significant change for me that’s difficult. I don’t know if I can even get through writing this without bawling.  When I first came to Carissa…I had literally tried EVERY diet out there known to man.  I had spent our hard earned money on things that never made a difference.  I wasn’t disciplined enough to just get going.  Did I know that eating better and working out would get me results?  Sure I did.  That’s a no brainer.  However, it just wasn’t there for me.  I was in a dark place.  A very dark place but wore a smile on my face.  A very fake smile.  Sometimes people just go through the motions.  Looking at my life one would think…she is so blessed – what does she have to be sad about?  I have 5 AMAZING kids and one that almost killed me and him but we survived.  My marriage is strong because I am married to a Godly man that loves me more than you could ever imagine.  My kids are healthy and successful and all around good humans.  But I was incredibly unhappy.  I hated everything about myself.  I hated most that I knew exactly what to do to make it better and literally just couldn’t.  Carissa shined a ray of hope in our first meeting.  She really made me take a good, hard look at myself. Deep down I was drowning.  She reminded me that I am human. She taught me how incredibly powerful the mind is.  She helped me to find a joy that I hadn’t felt in YEARS.  It was this mindset that kicked me into high gear.  Do I fall short?  Absolutely.  So many times.  But I am to the point in my life that I know in order to continue being awesome me….I have to keep going.  I know how good it feels to have the scale numbers dropping.  But it’s even more amazing to know how good it feels to love myself again.  My faith in God was restored once again.  God has been a powerful driving force for me as well.  I learned the importance of having faith and being happy.  Like I said…I am no where near exactly where I want to be BUT I am a work in progress.  And that work continues every. single. day.
I will continue to say that people often asked me….what exactly does Carissa do for you?  It’s so hard to put into words.  Take the leap.  I have not once regretted it.”