Carissa Konrad

When my son faced multiple food sensitivities, allergies, asthma, and acid reflux, I refused to settle for the “treatments” that I knew would only wreak havoc on other systems in his young body.  I began to realize the importance of a whole body approach.  Therefore, I dove head first into natural approaches and simple yet powerful tweaks in lifestyle. As a result, this has allowed him to live without nagging symptoms. Most importantly, he is experiencing the best health ever today.

When I lost my Dad, the most impactful and influential person in my life to Lewy Body Dementia, I began to see more clearly the power of TODAY and the importance of living healthy. TODAY is a gift given for us to live to the full EVERY DAY. Consequently, I began to see that many people lacked the tools to transform their health and live optimally.

While my degree is in education and I have a passion for teaching, God opened the doors for me to pursue education through the Institute of Integrative Health Nutrition and become Board Certified.  I am now pursuing my greatest passion – health. Besides that, I long to bring about a health revolution by creating simple individualized plans that allow one person at a time to experience the “healthiest version of you.” Above all, we need tools, information, guidance, and support during a process of change. Good health isn’t a fad, it’s the protection of your most precious gift – your life… your health. Won’t you join me on the journey? What do you have to lose?

My Mission & Vision

My Mission is to:

Educate and inspire my clients to achieve the healthiest version of themselves. By providing accountability and fostering excitement, I help clients achieve a revolutionary, yet sustainable, lifestyle.


My clients gain a rebel perspective. They understand the “bio individuality” of wellness, have a clear vision for their health and are entirely re-energized. Their lives and health becoming fiercely revolutionized by changing simple lifestyle habits that provide maximum health results.

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